A Unique Boutique Concept



Haveli (h’ vay-lee) is an Indian word used to describe the larger traditional manors, especially those found in northern India. The Havelis of Rajasthan are famous for the extensive motifs, intricate craftsmanship or the colourful frescos used to decorate the exteriors.The Haveli is the refection hall. Tastefully decorated and homely, the Haveli is a tribute to the Indian tradition of hospitality.




Aditya (a’-deet-ya) is an incarnation of the Hindu Sun God, also known as the Surya. Numerous sacred hymns and rituals are dedicated to Him in the Vedas. “Aditya Pranayama” or the “Surya Namaskar” are popular yoga practices designed to greet the primal energy in order to invigorate the human body. This multipurpose meeting room located on the second floor can accommodate up to 30 persons. It draws its name from Aditya, the Hindu Sun God. Energize our self to resolve worldly affairs in this ideal venue for holing conference & business meetings.


Ananda (an-nen-dah:) or Sublime Joy is a state of mind described in Indian classics also as “supreme bliss”. Sip refreshing fruit juices and relax at Ananda – the roof top juice-bar. A wide range of fruit beverage is available to choose from.




Vatika (va’-tee-ka) literally means a garden or an orchard. Several references of the term Vatika are also used in Indian mythology to describe the celestial gardens. Vatika terrace, situated adjoining the juice-bar offers a veritable retreat in Delhi; shielded yet from the hustle – bustle of life in the metropolis; Vatika terrace is also an ideal place for meditation.


The main lobby located on the ground floor. A tribute to the great Indian Emperor Ashoka. “Lord of Beginnings”, the benign “Remover of Obstacles” and the “Patron of Letters & Learning”. Famed for His keen wit, Ganesha’s the elephant headed god will bless you with positive vibes at the Bajaj Indian Home Stay where traditional Indian hospitality compliments contemporary lifestyles.




Round the clock Checkin / Checkout; Instant Reservations; Currency Exchange facilities available. Transport and Travel related services / tour consultancy offered at our Travel Desk at Ground Floor.